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The Talent Discovery Guide

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The exercises you will be completing require careful attention with few distractions. Please use a desktop or laptop computer (not tablets or other mobile device). For your browser, only the following will work: Firefox, Chrome, Edge and Safari. Thank you for following this important instruction.

The IDAK Online Talent Discovery Guide™ leads you through the highlights of your life to evaluate your most consistent patterns of natural talent behavior. This is a four-step self-assessment exercise steps include:

Discovery 1


Recall your past activities and experiences. Select your top 10.

(approx 20 minutes)

Discovery 2


Evaluate each of your 10 enjoyed experiences to identify which talents you have used most consistently.

(approx 60 minutes)

Discovery 3


Select your top talent strengths using the exercise score results.

(approx 10 minutes)

Discovery 4


Validate your talent strength selections by answering questions which compare your lifestyle to typical talent behavioral patterns.

(approx 15 minutes)

Talent Discovery Guide Cost $25

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