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Are you seeking to gain information about your natural talent strengths?

Discover your everyday patterns of behavior which identify your talent strengths.

For college, seminary students and individuals who want to identify their intuitive natural strenghts vs their learned skills.

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What our satisfied frequent users say

The Talent Discovery Guide helped me understand why I behave the way I do and know that it is ok.

Suzie D.


For over 15 years our church denomination has used the IDAK Talent Assessment process. We are very pleased with the help it has given.

Carl M., Director


For me, the validation section at the end was one of the most helpful parts. This does an absolutely wonderful job of providing refinement for my clients.

Steve R.

New Jersey

In more than 25 years of career counseling, I have found the IDAK Talent Discovery Guide to be the most extensive assessment of its kind for personal career change and development.

Judy G.


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